Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seasons Is Here...

...And it's glorious.

Been a week since it released and it still feels surreal that we actually have it. The Sims 3 feels pretty complete now and that Sims charm is back in full force. I feel more compelled to have my sims socialize instead of just focusing on skilling and levelling up their careers. My SSX characters can finally snowboard even if it's still restricted to a halfpipe like in The Sims Vacation. I already had a feeling when Seasons first popped up on that survey that it would be the best expansion pack and I was right. It's unquestionably the most complete one of the bunch too. Also, I installed Supernatural at the same time. So much to explore. Overwhelming, but in a good way!

Have some screenshot spam! More after the page break!

I didn't even stage that first one. Honest!

Tip: If you have Generations, use the video camcorder to allow your sims to have memories of those awesome seasonal events forever!

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