Thursday, August 23, 2012

Create A...

Um...yeah it was kind of a spur of the moment idea.

Inge over at Simlogical put up some flat, completely empty worlds to make it easier for testing stuff in-game. My findings with the Mac version of TS3 is that the crashing in Create A Sim hardly ever happens if you load your game through a small custom world rather than any of EA's (most likely due to the loading of a small map using less memory), so now that picture is what I'm greeted with when I want to use CAS.

Friday, August 17, 2012

InvisiSim / New Site Design!

Recently I accepted a SimPort request for an acrobat to perform at my coffeehouse. I sent my sim The Kahuna over there and sat him at one of the tables. I waited...and waited. Huh, where's the performer.

Suddenly, this happened.

I was genuinely entertained by this performance. It was funny seeing the fire hoop and circus ball move by themselves. Like as if a spirit was doing everything.

Oh, but things got a bit stranger than that.

For hosting that sim, The Kahuna got 3000 big ones. Normally that's not much but for Kahuna who lives in a tiny shack on the beach it's a boatload. That presented a bit of a dilemma. Since I'm not doing the typical rags to riches story with Kahuna (he loves the beach bum life and it will stay that way) what on SimEarth was I going to have him spend the money on?

Then it occurred to me...

Books. Those books, man. They really do cost a lot.

Fishing is one of Kahuna's many talents and I completely forgot how expensive the books for the rare fish cost. Now he only has a few hundred simoleans again, heh.

You've probably heard by now about The Sims 3 Seasons. I saw the announcement as it happened during the EA Summer Showcase livestream, what an exciting time that was. Can't believe they finally did it! And ocean swimming too! There seems to be a ton of content, more than any of the previous releases. So hyped for this EP.

Also, I just added the Disqus comment system. I've seen it being used on IGN and a few other sites I follow. Figured might as well try it out as it looks a bit more dynamic than Blogger's system. The layout and design have also been revamped to be much more faithful to the style of The Sims. Like it? Hate it with all your hate? Let me know what you think!