Thursday, April 5, 2012

NOTICE: Sims 3 Store Collections

Hey everyone, so you might be wondering what happened to all the collection files. I really hoped to give back to the Sims community but it looks like I've been shot down. I wanted to wait a while before saying anything in case the issue was resolved quickly but that's definitely not the case now. They were taken down by Mediafire in what seemed to be a sweeping motion to take down illegal software, assuming my files were illegal too. I sent a counter-claim a couple of weeks ago but haven't got anything back yet.

It's unfortunate, especially considering collection files don't redistribute the store sets themselves. They're just references. I'm guessing mine were taken down because they're labelled with the proper names of the corresponding sets, making EA think they're illegal warez.

The bottom line: Until further notice, my collection files will no longer be available. I'm deeply sorry, it seems like I have no control over this issue at all.