Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sims 1 Sims in TS3?

I didn't think it could be done, but I managed to fit the Ultimate Venue that comes with the Showtime Limited Edition into Twinbrook. I deleted the Pidgin's house and replaced it with a 64x64 lot using the in-game world editor. If you place it just right it won't even distort the terrain or anything. Not sure why EA didn't just make it 64x64 in the first place.

Anyways, this post isn't about the placing of the Ultimate Venue as much as what I saw once I had a sim perform inside it.

Why hello there, Sims 1 era sims! It's been a while!

No, I'm not complaining about this. I actually find it kind of cool. I knew that big show venues were going to have these less detailed sims showing up to make show audiences look huge without killing our computers, but they seriously look like Sims 1 sims converted to 3D to me. It's giving me flashbacks to the beginning of the very first Sims 2 trailer...

Not sure if EA intended it or not, but seeing that crowd in Showtime gave me a huge dose of nostalgia. Makes you think "What if," doesn't it?

I guess that result would have been like how you were able to play as the Tony Hawk character copy and pasted from the very first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game in Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Kind of interesting in concept, but definitely not something I would have wanted for the next entry in the series.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well That's an Interesting Mix

Found this stray dog in my game today. Looks like it's a mix between a dalmatian and a poodle? Easily the most interesting mix I've seen so far.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pondering About Mr. Ponder

Billie Ponder is watching an awesome performance. He's going to throw...air?

Karaoke is back! Yes!

Somehow, the new fireflies spawned in Twinbrook.

Overall I'm liking Showtime so far. I still consider Pets to be the best Sims 3 expansion so far, but I think Showtime ties with Late Night for second best. I'll post more detailed impressions later.

(It just occurred to me that Billie Ponder looks like Draco Malfoy. Pure coincidence, I swear!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Sim: Zoe Payne (SSX)

Finally, a post about one of my sims! :P


Martial Arts
Trampoline (Hidden)
Darts (Hidden)

Any SSX fans out there? This week, the classic PS2 franchise was reborn with a new game involving Team SSX racing former member Griff Simmons around the world. They're hoping to conquer the deadliest descents in the world. Since The Sims 2 I've occasionally remade SSX characters because they fit perfectly with the lighthearted atmosphere of the game.

Zoe's bio, courtesy of the SSX Wiki:

“Zoe Payne was born in the rural outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland in 1981 and from a very early age she liked to go fast. She latched onto anything that would put the wind in her hair, even managing to get her tricycle up to highway speeds on the hill outside her house. Zoe received her first pint-sized dirt bike at age nine - and never looked back. The only thing that ever got in her way - was winter. But Zoe discovered that snow offered up became a dominating force both in the world of professional snowboarding and on the moto-X circuit. But the overwhelming media attention, endless sponsorship responsibilities, and the daily bureaucracy of two professional circuits forced her to exit the spotlight in disgust. She tried to find her way back to the fun, the adventure. It was a while travelling the globe that she developed an idea. Seeking out fellow snowboarder Mac Fraser and longtime friend and surfer Tane Mumea, Zoe hatched the idea for Team SSX.”

In short, Zoe is an adventurous soul who doesn't take crap from anyone. The choices for her traits were pretty obvious. I was kind of reluctant to make her a daredevil because of the silly "Watch This" interaction, but if Zoe were to catch fire I think she'd just brush it off.

As far as hair & makeup goes, I think I did pretty well. The game crashed just as I was done my first attempt, but then I nailed the hair colour the second time around. Couldn't find any suitable war paint so unfortunately that had to be left out. 

The Sims 3 doesn't have enough variety of intense winter clothing (probably because we're yet to get seasons), so right off the bat I couldn't go for a straight replica of her getup in the new game. What I ended up doing fashion-wise was more of a combination of her concept art and the final design. The top is from Town Life. I figure that's as close as I can get to her armour in the game. I forget where the skirt is from...High-End Loft Stuff I think? Funny thing is that I know there's a pair of base game pants that the guys have which look exactly like what she wears in SSX, but I couldn't find it for females. It was an unfortunate setback...but looking at her earlier concept art Zoe still looked like Zoe, so I chose a skirt that looked similar yet still matched the overall style I was going for.  The leggings are from the base game slightly darkened. The shoes are base game as well. I didn't use any custom content this time around.

Currently she's living in a large house in Twinbrook with fellow SSX characters Psymon Stark and Ty Thorsen. The story takes place shortly before the team starts their journey around the world. More SSX characters will be added to the fold as I make them. Griff will probably be moved into Starlight Shores.

I would like to do more profiles on some of my other sims (not just SSX characters, but my original sims too), let me know what you think! I plan on making Zoe an acrobat with Showtime, so I may do an update about that too.

And here's Zoe eating a sandwich.