Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Intros!

As a videographer in real life, I realized my let's plays were missing an important element. I needed something to catch the viewer's attention right off the bat. What better way to do that than to produce snazzy intros? Here's a couple of them, with some "behind the scenes" sort of commentary.

 Doing intros is also a nice way to show what my sims are like and give them "character themes" much like in the Sonic Adventure games.

This one was really fun to make. Since Island Paradise is all about living the island life, I decided it would make sense to use a scrapbook design since people usually vacation in those types of places, and scrapbooks are a great place to keep memories. The Moonlight household are laid back and carefree, so some relaxing music in the background was ideal.

Ladford is the first of the two sims to receive an intro, but the filmstrip transition will very likely apply to both him and Alice. With the "Rivals" aspect making the let's play more story-driven and the Medieval atmosphere of Dragon Valley in mind, I knew I had to do something more film-like with both the look and the music.