Friday, November 4, 2011

Sim Funnies #1

Here's the first of my sim funnies! Even with The Sims 3 being less cartoony than the previous two games there's still plenty of amusing moments to be had. Here's just a few of mine. Enjoy!


Too bad he's isn't actually making chicken, but still it's cute.

Beth sure is nervous!

It's a zombie! Run for your lives!! Oh, it's just Ginny after struggling to get out of the elevator doors. My mistake.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is This "Sims Showcase?"

Hey there, I'm Iron Seagull! You may also know me as Captain THPS4 on Mod The Sims.

Over the years I've made lots of interesting sims. Each one is interesting in their own ways. They all have their own motivations and storylines, and funny enough it's given me inspiration for my writing skills!

I think it would be fun to make profiles of my sims and show them off to the world. I already post pictures of my sims from time to time on Mod The Sims, so this is a logical next step. I may also spotlight funny occurrences from my game if they're worth mentioning.

Collection files will also be uploaded here once in a while. Some will be store-related, some themed. Don't expect me to put up ones for every store set though, I can't afford the whole store! That's just crazy talk! :P

I'll be posting my first sim profile in the near future. Stay tuned!