Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Sims 3 Store: Mid-Century Modern Dining and Style Set

Didn't see that one coming! The Mid-Century theme gets yet another expansion and this time it's for both the dining room and Create A Sim. Luckily there was a house in Storybrook County that was perfect for fitting in pretty much all the Mid-Century furniture without any rebuilding. Mid-Century is nearly a complete package, now all we need are furniture for children and toddlers. No premium content this time, but we got 4 (arguably 6) of those in the past month. We're pretty spoiled!

The set is 30 items and is currently on sale for 975 SimPoints. After October 4, the price will be raised to 1,100 SimPoints. $9.00 for 30 items is a pretty darn good deal, can't complain.

Keep in mind for the furniture that I attempt to display it all in a practical way, in an actual game setting rather than going for the showroom style other websites use. I've also used items from the other Mid-Century furniture sets to show off how well they go together, but I note above each screenshot what items are actually new. Without further delay, onto the pictures!

Create A Sim


YA/Adult Female:

Teen Female:

Female Child:

YA/Adult Male:


Female (Teen to Elder):

Male (Teen to Elder)


New chair, 1 table, 2 plants, 1 shelf, 1 ceiling light, 1 non-edible cake plate:

New coffee machine, 1 shelf, 1 wall light.

One cute hanging apron :)
The Good:

-Proves a Store set doesn't need a truckload of items or premium to be good
-The price is great (not even in the quadruple digits!)
-Must-have for owners of the other Mid-Century sets
-The hairstyles (personal picks: Beehive Ponytail and Mini-'Fro, Daddy-O)
-Teens and kids aren't completely neglected!

The Bad:
-Male kids and teens get no clothes. Elders completely miss out.
-What do you mean I can't eat that cake?!

The Kind of Ugly:
-A Little Bit Fishy (Teen) only has one of the stencils whereas the adult version has 3 plus a non-stencil. Why is that? 

However...using the Remove stencils mod, you can at least remove the stencil:

Final Score: 8.5/10. Recommended.

What's kind of funny is how in the Store description they remind us of when dinner time used to be family time. Yet in The Sims 3, sims never eat together. They all eat as soon as they sit down and leave as soon as they're finished. There's no guarantee they will even sit at the same table. If someone from The Sims Studio happens to be reading this, please make actual family dinner times happen!

On another note, recently I reinstalled my game on a Windows 7 64-bit Boot Camp partition and the game runs so much better. Not one crash! I'm playing the game much more, meaning I can share a lot more stuff with you guys! Woo!

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