Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kahuna's So Very Random Life

The Kahuna leads a pretty simple life by the beach in a small hut. Right now I'm trying to get the platinum athletic achievement of jogging over 2000 km. It's pretty crazy I tell you. Kahuna lives on Cloverdale Lite by My Sim Realty and he's probably going to have to lap around the island several dozen times in order to achieve victory.

 One day while jogging around the island, Kahuna got a call from one of my other sims, a singer by the name of Bethany Grissoms. She was hosting a swimwear party at her place (her place doesn't have a pool or even a hot tub. Weird.). Since he was in the neighborhood I decided "Eh, why not. He deserves a break from all that jogging."

It's choices like these that often lead to some very random, unexpected things. One of Beth's roommates Megan decided to start a conversation about food while in her underwear. My guess is she was asleep, but woke up for the sake of the party.
I clicked on her to do something back and that's when I glanced over the pillow fight interaction. Despite it being my favourite interaction in The Sims 2 I hadn't used it much lately. So I decided to have Kahuna randomly hit her with a pillow in her bedroom.

And that's where the fun began.

I never intended for Kahuna and Megan to become partners. Kahuna was made a year ago and Megan is one of my most recent sims. But seeing them together makes me think a surf bum and a stylist could be an interesting couple.

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