Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let's Play! With A Twist!

It was a very long time coming, but I managed to start work on a Let's Play for The Sims 3! I was first inspired by the likes of HeadbuttArcade and Quxxn, but at the time I didn't have a decent computer or software to record. Now in 2013 I finally have both.

In the past couple of years, several simmers have started their own Let's Plays. As time went on, I realized I wouldn't be happy if I followed the single household/generational gameplay/no mods/no cheats format everyone else seems to be following. Being unique is a big part of my personality. I rarely  play past generation 2 anyhow, because I get too caught up in my sims "having to" do this or that before I contemplate aging them up. While the "conventional" LP isn't out of the question for the future, I also wanted to take the opportunity to change things up a bit and doing that in a Sims 3 Store world was the perfect way to do it, rather than in an expansion pack where there's many more features to explore at the same time. With Island Paradise on the horizon I don't know exactly how many parts there will be, but I know I'm not stopping this Rivals LP when that game releases.

This LP focuses on two different sims leading their separate lives. One is the "Hero" character, and one is the "Dark" character, though whether for the right reasons is questionable. Every other part or so I'll switch between them. I'm hoping this keeps things interesting, especially later on when there's less new things to see. I plan to have their paths cross once in a while (hopefully both accidentally and on purpose!), where they'll clash and try to make things miserable for the other.

Up first will be Ladford Hemming, our Hero character!

We'll get to know him better in episodes 1 and 2. Episode 1 should be up tomorrow if all goes well.

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