Friday, February 22, 2013

Patch 1.50 Features!

The University Life patch is out, and among many long-awaited bug fixes there are a few new features as well. The dumpsters are no longer just decorative props, they can now be recoloured and sims can dumpster dive for furniture and collectables. This will be great for homeless sims as they can have houses entirely out of found furniture.

Not one, but two new ghosts this time. Death By Blunt Force Trauma (crushed by the murphy bed or vending machine) and Death By Ranting, whose colour reminds me of Mountain Dew. Both have special effects trailing them.

The resemblance is "uncanny?" Ugh...I almost regret making that pun.

There are also new patterns (two of which were used on my dumpster), a new traffic light, new terrain paint, smaller versions of the A/C units from Supernatural, the ability to set bed and door ownership, and new care packages as part of the in-game gifting system. Check out more pictures at SimsVIP.

Oh right, and the new Maxis logo made it in!

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